SAMPing is a Network Scanning tool that allows you to quickly explore the status of a list of devices, taking 90% less time than it would manually.

Snow Agent Integration

Snow License Manager™ Windows Inventory 5 Agent and Inventory Client 3 Service Integration on Windows, allowing agent, configuration, error and service management from a remote machine without knowing Powershell, Batch or having RDS access.

Remote Desktop Management

Allow Remote Management of System Services, System Files and Registry, including Service Stopping, Starting and Restarting, File Copy-to, Registry updating and more, as well of Read-Only WMI information such as bios, ram and other hardware.

Built In PsExec Support

Built in PsExec Support that allows remote execution of processes on other systems that would not otherwise offer the ability to show information on remote machines, such as IPConfig and Hostname.

Excel Support

Built in excel support allows you to export Device Output via .XLSX, .XLS and .CSV formats. Unlike other applications, you do not require Microsoft Office to be installed on the device you are running to export data.

MsiExec Integration

Built in MsiExec Support that allows remote Software Installation, Uninstallation and Modification of a Windows Installer via Remote Management through the Command Line.

Software Install Scanning

SAMPing allows you to view all Installed Applications on a remote machine through the System Registry, as well as viewing the installed data and the uninstall / install string.

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